Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Place of God

"Sacred dance is an important and critical component in the worship life of the contemporary Catholic Church

"Everything that is danced is in place of God"
In place of God you say? Yes, well, we rather suspected that was the purpose of your contemporary worship all along.

We're glad you had the honesty to say so.

But then this. We can't believe you don't see it:

"The egregious stupidity of this theologically handicapped and artistically illiterate pastor continues to dumbfound me these many, many months later".
Dumbfound? Truly? Stupefy, in the sense of having been rendered stupid, this we are ready to believe, but dumbfound? We are dubious. But we hope, and pray.


hilary said...

Oh for Pete sake John,

I read almost to the end of that stupid thing before I saw Michael Higgins' name at the bottom.

Good Grief!

What do you expect from that guy?

Lee said...

As always, too much emphasis on what WE are doing in the Sacred Liturgy.
HOW we pray.
Like to pray by a river? Great.
Like to pray under a tree? Great.
Like to pray with "meaningful" liturgical experiences?
There's the rub.
In the Liturgy, CHRIST PRAYS THE MASS; we simply[!] join in and add our offering.
Therefore EVERYTHING must be done according to a prescribed ceremony and ritual. One that does not change, but constantly re-presents the reality which it is.

Anonymous said...

yes, Lee. and to add...
the liturgy is 'prescribed' by who??
the readings are chosen by ...who?
the music sung, composed by...who?
the prayers written by...wh?
or do you suppose the liturgy fell from Heaven as it is, and WE had nothing to do with putting it together?

Lee said...

WE indeed had nothing to do with it.
Are you even Catholic?
We have received what has been handed on to us. Like St. Paul "I have handed on to you what has been given to me."
What. Should every generation start all over again from scrap?
Or shall we be like the Protestants who wanted to "get back to that original...something or other..." As though what the Church had been between their time and their SUPPOSED idea of what HAD been before that (and on and on and on) needed somehow to get a makeover.
Now THAT'S rot!

Anonymous said...

I am indeed Catholic. More so than you,I would guess. Your idea that the Liturgy just appeared is like the protestants view that the Bible some how dropped down from a holy mountain bypassing human hands all together. Its very un-incarnational theology. The liturgy, like the Word of God, was inspired by the Most High and written, composed, gathered together and arranged by human the Church. The Church indeed hands down the traditions, but it has to compose them before it can hand them down. and who is it who decides what to hand down and what not to? God has surely entrusted this responsibility to Humans - His Church.

Lee said...

This has all been a BIG misunderstanding.
I agree COMPLETELY with what you are saying.
My firat comment was on the whole idea of wacky liturgical stuff.
And then I guess I read (incorrectly, as you see) YOUR response as being some sort of 'defense' for liturgical renewal or something.
Sorry about that.
I think we're on the same page now, though.
No hard feelings?

Lee said...


By WE I was talking about THIS generation - not the entirety of the Church militant throughout time.
Maybe this is where we misunderstood each other.

Anonymous said...

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