Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my blog. Indeed, yee haw even. Feeling a bit like a clip-show on a fizzled sitcom, now seems as good a time as any and better than most to look back at the year.

Outreach to Newfangled Catholics is taking up nearly fifteen percent of posts. Likewise weighted are exhibitions on muddled popular thinking, secular and ecclesial.

Around the five percent mark are sport, politics and culture, and making fun of Trads. Fatherhood seems rightly represented with about ten percent of posts.

Heretics and fools, accursed and contemptible, have been strongly represented. Leading the category have been the damnable bishops of the Canadian Patriotic Association. Also included are garden-variety heretics like Anglicans, politicians, and Jesuits.

Though shocked to find myself so well rounded, sadly, whisky and drink are barely represented in five percent of posts. Evidently a reordering of priorities is urgent.

So grab your hip-flask and tin-foil hat. For the next while at least, I mean to continue the Outreach to Newfangled Catholics but significantly expand the treatment of alcohol and making fun of trads. The Cannucki Bishops, increasingly inconsequential, may fade from view.

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