Thursday, May 04, 2006

What else is there?

I sat down to write this post or one yet to follow it almost two months ago. It was too early then. Lately a lot of things have come together to let me finish. Things like this bit of insight here, this entirely unrelated here, and from that bit, this bit.

See, this priest from Russia came to preach at my parish. The details aren't important. He said that the cities the communists built are all flat, nothing to lift your eyes to God, no soaring towers or steeples. Deliberately this is, he said, visually enforced atheism.

I had a dreadful feeling that the communists understood humanity better than the Church does. I knew I was wrong, but it was awful anyway.

After, I said to a fellow parishioner "don't you think it's funny that since the new Mass all we can seem to build is squat, flat churches?".

I shouldn't have mentioned the new Mass. It got his back up. He said "Is there any other topic for you?"

Sincerely, I was confused. I said " Why? What else is there?" and meant it.

This man is smart, and virtuous, nearly wise, and yet just seems not to see that if we fail in worshiping the Almighty, nothing else we do can matter.

That seems plain to me, but I fail repeatedly to articulate it adequately. I fear the Catholic traditional movement also fails to explain it and I fear the Church militant has forgotten it.

This incident has troubled me since. First we must glorify God. Surely this is the crux, and not just of being Catholic. So why is it so hard to show?

Better men have written better things on this, but in the next few days, I hope to contribute something. In the meantime, go and read what I mentioned in the first place.

This is the first of three parts. Read part two here and part three here.

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