Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nip in the air

A beautiful travel guide, from

"'s true. The air of Islay really does smell like whisky. It could be the musty smell of peat mixed with the salt spray of the sea. Perhaps you can even smell the Angel's Share, the thousands of litres of single malt which breeze through the walls of casks in bonded warehouses."

If stories like this are part of why you drink it, you may want to pour a glass and read the rest.


GFvonB said...

Have you read Sir Charles Coloumbe's The Muse in the Bottle yet? Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering whether 'gfvonb' is actually JDCarriere diguised with one of those spectalces and moustache things you get from a Christmas cracker.

Own up, John. Are you your only reader (except me)??

J D Carriere said...

Ah Jimbo. Alas, no. Not even I read my blog. I guess that leaves me with you as my sole reader, and you can barely operate a computer. Like for instance clicking on links, or leaving your name when you comment.

Here. Try this. See that arrow on your screen? Good. Now, grab that oval thing sitting on a square just to your right. You'll see that when you wiggle it, so does that arrow. Now, line that arrow up with the next word HERE

Now push the button on the top left of that oval jobbie. Before you go, this'll take you to GFvonB's own blog. And yes. I too chuckle from time to time at his fine moustache.

J D Carriere said...

And you of the fine moustache, GFvonB, I'm afraid I haven't read that book. I doubt my public library will have it, but I will check.

jiminibus in a minibus said...

you have to admit, there is a striking resmeblance between you and cracker-jack (moustache-man). I saw his blog..the radishes thing. liked the picture. didnt get round to reading the words...
ey - just thought...does the vonb stand for von balthazar, dyathink?