Saturday, April 15, 2006

Flotsam and Jetsam

Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin gave a speech last week.

He talked about relativists' "outrageous manipulation of language" and how we've got "to regain control of the use of language so as to point to objective truth".

That's the thing about words; they come with objective meaning. Some people like to pretend they don't. Some people like to use words that sound familiar and reassuring to mean something other than what the words really mean. Nazis and communists were adept at this.

Words, unfortunately, are only brute sounds until we agree on the meaning of them. That's the use of language, after all.

This week on the EWTN website, a question titled "traditional" Latin Mass not really "Traditional".

It includes this: "The REAL Traditional Roman Mass is the Greek Mass of the first three centuries".

So take a word like tradition. Catholics like that word. Call something traditional and Catholics will sign on. "Oooh I just love incense" they'll say.

But tradition doesn't just mean old. Tradition is a continuous usage handed down from generation to generation.

Whatever Greek Mass they had seventeen or eighteen centuries ago wasn't handed down to us. The traditional Latin Mass is, to a very high degree, handed down to us from the time of St. Gregory the Great. While development happened along the way, many texts and the order of the Mass have come down to us untouched.

An unbroken line for 1500 years. That's tradition. Unbroken. See the difference between unbroken and broken? Tradition isn't what somebody did but quit and two thousand years later someone else started.

You've probably heard a phrase like "anchored in traditon". But unless an anchor is still tied to the boat it isn't really an anchor at all. It's just something they threw over the side.

So keep it in mind the next time someone tells you that the Novus Ordo restores this or that ancient practice. Eucharistic prayer number two, the prayers of the faithful, communion in the hand. Take your pick. It's just the garbage they tossed overboard.


GFvonB said...

I love it when the idiot neo-cons get caught using liberal tactics. It's so fun to rub their little noses in it.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest things that has been handed down in Tradition throughout the centuries is worship with stringed instruments. The guitar, therefore, could be understood to be a marvellous traditional instrument to add great atmosphere to any traditional Mass. It really puts you in the right mood, too. And adequate preparation is key. Wouldn't you say?

J D Carriere said...

I know that's you, Jimbo. You know I don't agree. What's more, neither do you. You know very well you and your six strings are contributing to the collapse of Christendom.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo who? Could there be more than one person out there who believes in the power of the g string? and collapse of christendom indeed. Christendom was collapsing long before the Novus Ordo came to our parishes. And the churches growing most rapidly these days are those who have guitars. Even Catholics are leaving their pews to attend them.

J D Carriere said...

If Catholics with no sense of the Faith are rallying around guitars, it shows nothing but that Catholics with no sense of the Faith also like guitars. Which is dandy. Let them play their guitars at home.