Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Daft Dutch

Dutch Feminazis Want to Punish Educated Mothers tells the story.

Looking every bit as bitter and bovine as you might expect, two-time college drop-out and prominent legislator Sharon Dijksma suggests a policy apparently designed to render the Dutch population even more stupid and dysfunctional.
Educated mothers, explains the corpulent leftist, should repay the cost of their state-funded education if they opt to raise their children rather than join the paid workforce.

Of course, Dutch mothers hoping to avoid the fines may have their infants euthanized at no cost under Holland's generous socialized medicare program.

Pundits forecast these laws will be done away with when the Netherlands comes completely under Sha'ria law, expected early this century.

In the meantime, and until a suitable penalty can be found, stupid mothers are still free to reproduce at will. There is no word on Sharon Dijksma's plans in that regard.

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GFvonB said...

Well of course she won't pass a law against stupid women. That'd be like shooting herself in her own fat foot.