Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who needs Satanists when you've got Jesuits?

While a filthy western regime imposes yet another regulation to restrict the practice of Catholicism, a Jesuit says stupid things.

Nothing new under the sun.

Presumably to show how really very moderate he is, Father Ian Tomlinson tells the press:

"I have no problem with a Satanist wanting to come and have a discussion about their beliefs".

Ecumenical dialogue with Satanist?

At first I was a little upset. What's next, I thought, a Satanist-Roman Catholic Joint Commission to study the question of damnation?

Then I thought, maybe there's something in it. Because, let's face it, your average Jesuit could probably learn a lot from a Satanist.

Allow me to illustrate. Satanists believe in the existence of God. That right there gives them a leg up on Jesuits.

"But," Fr. Tomlinson, S.J. reassures, "[I would] certainly not allow them to celebrate a black mass".

Well, I was feeling better already when I started to wonder:

Given a crack at an interfaith service complete with blasphemy and desecration, well, wouldn't you expect a Jesuit to be a little more enthusiastic?

Then I understood: A black mass includes a valid consecration.

Jesuits just hate that.

And that sandwich she's holding, does it look like roast beef to you?

Thanks to Cathcon for the handy picture galleries of Jesuit sacrilege.

Update: The story I originally linked to seems not to be up anymore. I've changed the link to another report. The quote from Fr. Tomlinson is not given entirely in this new story, so I've reproduced it here:

"I have no problem with a satanists wanting to come and have a discussion about their beliefs. But I would not allow them to stay here and certainly not allow them to celebrate a black mass in their room. I would rather go to court. It would be deeply offensive to allow something like that to happen here. Besides, I think the bishop would be very annoyed and would probably want to move me on."


Felix said...

Q: What are the only things that don't change in a Jesuit Mass?

A: The bread and wine.

J D Carriere said...

Now that is funny!