Monday, March 13, 2006

Sir Lance-a-Little

Remember Fisher Price Little People? Those were always good toys. They've been updated. They're still good toys, only now they aren't the perfect shape and size for choking.

This is Sir Lance-a-Little. He's one of the redesigned Little People. My son has him. He came with a castle, a king and queen, horses, and a dragon.

It all seems perfect: a valiant knight defending the castle and his sovereign lord and lady from a deadly dragon attack! What more could a boy want?

But take another look. Sir Lance-a-Little's got a shield but instead of a sword he's holding a flag.

I understand how hard we've all been working to mollycoddle our boys into good little sissies, but how is Sir Lance-a-Little going to defend himself, let alone the queen? Is Sir Lance-a-Little supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

A few days ago, I wrote here about a real boy who had a chance to defend a real girl, but failed to try.

I can't help thinking these things are not isolated.


GFvonB said...

These is what you ought to be getting for your tyke. Especially these.

J D Carriere said...

I like the look of the second set quite a bit more than the first. And I think may see about finding some of those little green plastic soldiers too.

GFvonB said...

They have cowboys and indians too, to round out your collection of politically incorrect toys...

J D Carriere said...

I never quite understood why that was un-p.c. You could just as easily play at the peaceful indigenous peoples walloping the unjust and ignorant Euro-american agressors.