Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Regular Heretic Burnings

Whereas Heretic Burning Quarterly got more response than anything else I've posted here,

And Whereas I had fun doing it,

And Whereas heretics abound and require correction,

And Whereas everybody loves a weenie roast,

Resolved that I'm thinking of making Heretic Burning a regular feature.

Commence chopping and stacking. We are now taking nominations for future covers.

In news unrelated to heretics or burnings (except burnings in the cake-afire-with-numerous-candles sense) Happy Susie Day to Hilary, founding spinster of the league.


hilary said...

oooo ooo ooo pleasepleaseplease oh please puullllleeeeaaazzzze

make the next issue the Canadiana Bishop Spread:

You know, like a heretical version of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful people awards, only all Canadian...


I'd be happy to help. I know lots of stuff about Canadian bishops. LOTS!

J D Carriere said...

Well, I did Ouellet and Turcotte already. Who else you got? Am I going to have to go out and buy a People Magazine to see how this would look?