Friday, March 03, 2006

Premier Edition: HBQ


Anonymous said...

Please explain the quote attributed to Ouellet. Is this something he said?

J D Carriere said...

Cardinal Ouellet is quoted as saying "It’s not a sin to be a gay. But it may be a sin to perform homosexual acts".


Anonymous said...

Quoted where? Is this a direct quote (i.e. was he speaking in English) or a translation?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I see you provided a source. Using that source, I find the quote in its original context, a senate hearing. The extract:

" [English]

The Chairman: Ms. Buckingham, do you want to answer that?

Ms. Buckingham: Comment on what aspect of it, the test?

Senator Ringuette: Can you comment on the statement that homosexuality is a sin?

Cardinal Ouellet: Are you asking me?

Senator Ringuette: Any one of you.

Ms. Buckingham: That is your area.

Cardinal Ouellet: It is not a sin to be a gay, but it may be a sin to perform homosexual acts, according to our doctrine. That is what you want to know. It is clear from the point of view of the Catholic Church and of the Bible that homosexuality is not morally acceptable."

Note that the Cardinal was speaking off the cuff, in a language that is not his first, in the context of a back and forth exchange. His unambiguous statement that "homosexuality is not morally acceptable" would've left no doubt in the mind of his audience what he meant.

Therefore, your insinuation that the Cardinal has wilfully misstated Catholic doctrine is ridiculous. Now that I have made you aware of the context, you ought straight away to amend your graphic, lest you compound the sin of rash judgment with something even more grave.

J D Carriere said...

The insinuation is not that His Eminence "has wilfully misstated" anything. Rather the insinuation is that he is gutless (nutless, the graphic says).

And so he is. Or, if he is not, he is something much worse.

But motivated as I am by Christian charity, I opt for the most charitable conclusion: he's gutless.

Better gutless than a damned filthy heretic, wouldn't you say?

hilary said...

"you ought"

I like how someone withouth the nerve to identify himself, seems to feel just fine telling you how to run your blog.

he'd get the smite button over at my place.

you are clearly much more tolerant than I John. I may have to bring this matter up with the League.

J D Carriere said...

Indeed I am a paragon of tolerance and moderation. Watch me dialogue.

Scott A. Edwards said...
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