Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hoodlum Elephants

As young black men in Toronto continue killing each other at an alarming rate, several newspapers reported today on a new study about elephants.

The incidence of deadly elephant attacks is increasing substantially. Poaching and population control have apparently lead to a "breakdown of elephant society".

Ah, you're thinking, we need a goodly liberal elephant politician to pledge new funding. Social programs are the answer. These poor elephant youths have been excluded and their anger is boiling over. There must be root causes. Unemployment. Poverty.

Not so.

"In Uganda, for example, elephant numbers have never been lower or food more plentiful, yet there are reports of the creatures blocking roads and trampling through villages, apparently without cause or motivation".

It gets even better:

"Many herds lost their matriarch and had to make do with inexperienced "teenage mothers". Combined with a lack of older bulls, this appears to have created a generation of "teenage delinquent" elephants."

"[The] study showed that a lack of older bulls to lead by example has created gangs of hyper-aggressive young males."

Villagers "live in fear of male elephants" which attack "only to kill".

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