Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blessed Times

In light of current circumstances, this, originally posted on February 23, 2006, bears repeating. Or I think so anyway. And it's my blog:

* * *
It seems some of my acquaintances have got the wrong idea about me. They seem to think that a fellow's lost hope just because he considers honestly his children's future prospects at martyrdom here in the New Canada.

On the contrary, I say, Christian hope is not to be confused with foolish optimism. But lest I give a false impression, I'm really glass-half-full kind of guy.

In fact, it is a great time to be a contrarian crank. Holy Church now collapsed and the culture gone fully to crap, you never have to look far for something to grouse about.

And still, things are running pretty much tickety-boo.

Living is easy and the Chinese working for nothing affords us the illusion of wealth. Tobacco remains widely available. There's hockey or there's football on the television almost every weekend and never in human history has such a variety of good quality whisky been so easy to come by.

Newspapers, though instruments of socialist indoctrination, still go nicely with a good cuppa and a Saturday morning, and having children continues to be more fun even than making them in the first place.

Though nearly everyone I meet is a filthy cursed pagan, I've found filthy cursed pagans to be really rather nice. And even with all these nice people around, I still like my wife better than anybody. She's fun, engaging and brilliant, and, Deo gratias, has profoundly nice legs.

Indeed, to live in these times is truly a blessing.


Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...


I totally agree. Things could be a lot worse!

TDC said...

Things could always be worse, (as a leaf fan), the Leaf's might have just won the cup. Your European homeland might just have plummeted into negtative birth rate, and lets face it, you didn't have to strap on a machete in order to transport yourself to work safely this morning.