Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm glad we cleared that up

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (a group who's name already has me suspicious) asked respondents to a poll "which liturgical song most fostered and nourished the respondent's life".

Catholic News Service reports on the results.

The three most popular songs, "On Eagle's wings," "Here I Am, Lord" and "Be Not Afraid" can be described thus:

1) What God is going to do for me
2) God singing to me
3) God singing to me about what He is going to do for me.

So say it with me now: "The liturgical reform has fostered a greater understanding of the Liturgy on the part of the faithful".

Just imagine, before we got all this new understanding, people thought the Liturgy was about worshiping God. How medieval.


Anonymous said...

Its always good to read the thoughts of a very well rounded, thoughtful man. I will check back often! Your thoughts provoke more of my own, so thanks.

Radicalfeministpoet said...

I'm not too keen on "Eagles' Wings" either--the chorus is OK, but the verses rub me the wrong way. But I like the other 2, and therefore roundly condemn you for denouncing them. You'd better stay away from Ponty,, who's hosting a curmudgeonly moan-in on the same topic.

J D Carriere said...

You like the other two? Oh well. We all have our inclinations. Struggle against it.

KaleJ said...

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