Sunday, December 04, 2005

On Footie

My earlier post on the catholicity of hockey has provoked a spat over at Tradito in Radice. A hilarious post at Donegal Express bemoaning soccer, only adds to the chaos.

It seems these otherwise fine Catholic thinkers are confused. You see, Footie is the sport of Saints. Dull Saints, but Saints.

It has none of the foolishness you find in baseball and American football; this individual-achievement-protestant-work-ethic-american-dream rubbish.

Baseball particularly, is soaked in error. Like a cheap Evangelical altar call, a home-run will change the outcome of the whole game. Where's the final perseverance? The suffering, the toil, the tears?

Ah but soccer is a bold Catholic story. Success, if it comes at all, comes by slow progress, struggling past endless setbacks, perseverance til death.

Soccer and hockey, with roots long in the past, are the fruits of organic tradition. Baseball and American football are men's inventions; shabby, made-up games; Novus ordos of sport.


Der Tommissar said...

To put it charitably, you are totally wrong. I'll post why when I get time.

J D Carriere said...

I can't wait.

Thomas Shawn said...

Baseball is given over to Sodom. The Boston Red Sox have hosted the boys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in pre-game festivities.

Any "fight" in baseball clearly puts on display the clearly effeminate aspects to this game.

Lastly, liberals just LOOOOOVE baseball, this comes from personal observation.

Hockey is a thoroughly Roman Catholic sport, with soccer being its primitive antecedant.