Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm sticking with the indult

So, no surprise, Cardinal Hoyos says the S.S.P.X isn't in schism after all.

Of them, he says "one cannot say in precise terms that there is a schism. There is... a schismatic attitude".

Super. Sound like any bishops' conference you can think of?

Some of the more clever bloggers in this here League of Evil Trads are musing on where this leaves us.

Particularly Hilary here, and W. here (Hmmm, I said "some of the more clever". Check that. I should have said "One of the more clever, and W too". No matter. He's a decent enough chap).

Hilary's question is "[W]hat am I doing hanging on to my death grip on the Oratory?" now that there's the legitimate escape hatch of the S.S.P.X, I supose the thought goes.

Because, when push comes to shove, are the Oratorians going to toss in their lot with the Canuckistan Patriotic Church rather than remain true to the Faith? Walking a tightrope, Hilary says.

W. points out that this could probably be applied to all our indult parishes. Fair enough.

But don't we all agree that whenever regularization comes for the Society, a significant portion, possibly led by Bishop Williamson, isn't coming in? He seems to have hinted at that himself. I may be misjudging Williamson, but can anybody say, contrary spin notwithstanding, that at least some of the S.S.P.X isn't walking a tightrope?

So there we have it. The Society isn't schismatic, strictly speaking, and neither are the Canadian bishops, rotten to their black-hearted cores as they may well be.

So where's a Canadian Catholic to turn? Williamson or Ouellet? How's a fellow to keep from following his chosen wacko out of the Church and on down to hell?

The Society is way too risky.

Why? Because I like the way they talk. Their kind of errors agree with me. I hate Canadian bishops. I wouldn't follow those bepitchforked wolves anywhere.

There's no chance of me going off the leftist deep-end. So I'm sticking with the indult.

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