Monday, November 21, 2005

How many Euros does it take to buy a Trad?

The Traditionalist movement gets no shortage of enthusiastic coverage from the secular press.

Even the Toronto Star had nice things to say about Fr. Stephen Sommerville when Cardinal Ambrozic suspended him for hanging out with the S.S.P.X and celebrating the traditional Latin Mass.

Now Austria's come out with a postage stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre's birth.

Trads, giddy as schoolgirls, are eating it up, oblivious to the source of this goodwill.

As if the sinister regimes of wicked and crumbling Europe could contribute anything good to Catholicism, even if they wanted to.

So then why do trads get so much good press? Is it that heartwarming traditional stand on homosex and abortion that the leftists dig so much?

Sadly, it's not. They honour Archbishop Lefebvre for the same reason they like Hans Kung: He stood up to the Catholic Church. They don't care why. "Defender of the faith? Whatever. He annoys the Pope. Put him on a stamp."

Ironically enough, in all the world there may be only one man with sight clear enough to see this for what it is. I await Bishop Williamson's December letter. I don't think they can buy him for half a Euro and a pretty picture.


W said...

Mr. Carriere, being happy about a stamp does not mean that your fellow trads have bought into the evils of secular Europe. Frankly, a good thing is a good thing, and the nefarious intentions behind putting out this stamp do not eradicate the fact that increased awareness of Tradition and honour for Abp. Lefebvre are still good things.

J D Carriere said...

Interesting W.

Last May, Fr. Violette (Canada's own S.S.P.X district superior) wrote a letter concerning the death and funeral of John Paul II. You probably read it.

The applicable parts?

"First, the general consensus of the world is not a good omen" and "[w]hen CBS praises you it is not a good sign."

While you are right about the publicity, you are wrong about the rest. To have Europe honour you is no honour at all.

We look foolish celebrating over their scraps.

W said...

"... the general consensus of the world is not a good omen" and "[w]hen CBS praises you it is not a good sign."

I don't disagree. However, I don't think that the praise for JPII was necessarily a bad thing in itself -- it was what they were praising him for.

I doubt they'll be proclaiming Abp. Lefebvre a great man the way they did John Paul II. I see your point, but I still want a sheet of those stamps, though.

As a man who encourages fellow trads to partake in secular Halloween festivities, I'm surprised you're calling for a boycott of stamps which are devoid of any commentary.

J D Carriere said...

Devoid of commentary? As if it's not men they hold in esteem that they put on stamps? Of course it's a commentary. That, and a cynical cash-grab. That may be close to the truth, come to think of it.

The difference between halloween and this is that halloween really is just secular. This is a case of secularism projecting it's judgement - which is always foolish - on a religious question.

We don't need their opinion. They add nothing.

But who's calling for a boycott? You take me too seriously. I'm just saying it's silly to fawn over the opinions of the world.

Go ahead and get your stamps. What it is is a cool item. What it is not is an honour or a useable commentary.

And thanks for being my apparent sole reader.

W said...

I'm just saying it's silly to fawn over the opinions of the world.

Well, I can defitely agree with that. I don't give a damn about the Austrian government's opinion of Archbishop Lefebvre. I just want some stamps and figure a little increased awareness of His Grace couldn't hurt.

And thanks for being my apparent sole reader.

No problem. You're a lot more radical on your blog than you are on Jogues, so I can agree with your blog a lot more than we agree on Jogues.

Maybe you'll get a few new readers when I link to your hockey post.