Friday, October 21, 2005

Sad, Sorry Synod

"We are convinced that respect for the sacred character of the Liturgy is transmitted by means of fidelity to liturgical norms and to legitimate authority".

So says the synod of bishops.

Convinced are they? That following the liturgical norms is going to transmit respect for the sacred character of the liturgy?

Apparently then, guitar Masses with girl altar-boys and polyester-vested priests using eucharistic prayer number two in churches with hidden tabernacles are supposed to edify us.

Clearly there is a bug in the program, because this, to say nothing of abuses, is what bishops have done to the liturgy, licitly, and with their rightful authority. This is how they intend to "transmit respect for the sacred".

What more can be said?

I don't suppose this is the renewal of liturgical awareness then-Ratzinger had in mind. He was right. It's going to take a whole new generation of bishops to restore some sense of dignity to the Liturgy.

Because these guys don't even know what to look for.

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