Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rare Clarity

I've been wondering, does anybody in the hierarchy ever really read what they publish? You'd think they'd want to get their story straight.

Concerning the Eucharist, the closing message of the Bishops Synod says that "The Church lives from this gift par excellence that gathers it, purifies it and transforms it".

And yet, "The pronoun "it" does not seem to refer properly to the reality of the Church, portrayed by Divine Revelation as our Mother and Christ's Bride," writes Cardinal Medina Estévez.

And elsewhere the Holy See tells us that "the use of the feminine pronoun, rather than the neuter, is to be maintained in referring to the Church."

That seems clear enough, so why the trouble? Maybe the bishops didn't get the memo, so ordinary Catholics can be excused if they're getting a bit befuddled by all the mixed messages coming from the hierarchy.

Like the Synod's Instrumentum laboris. It's concerned by "negative realities, occurring more often in the Latin Liturgy than the Liturgies of the Eastern Churches."

Cardinal Ouellet saw it too. As he tells us, "something very enriching was the experience of the Eastern Churches, they have a deep sense of the sacredness," and "In the West, we need to recover the sacredness of the liturgy."

Rediscover? But how can that be after we've spent all this effort updating the Mass?

Well, back to the Instrumentum laboris that summed it up almost perfectly. Apparently there's "a weakening in the sense of mystery... witnessed in mis-interpretations and distorted ideas in the Council’s liturgical renewal, which has led to rites superficial in nature and devoid of spiritual significance."

Hang about there fellas! Let me get this straight. You say there are "distorted ideas in the Council’s liturgical renewal"?

But I thought you said "that the Second Vatican Council provided the necessary basis for an authentic liturgical renewal".

So? Distorted or authentic? Which is it?

Well, whichever it is, the bishops are sticking with the plan. Cardinal Arinze assures us that the traditional Latin Mass "is not a priority for the synod". There'll be no looking back for these visionaries.

Because, "devoid of spiritual significance" as it may be, again it's just like they said in that working document:

"No one doubts the great effects resulting from the liturgical renewal prompted by the spirit of the Second Vatican Council."

Prompted by the Spirit of Vatican II, eh? Now that is rare clarity. But no one doubts the great effects? Too bad about that.

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Julian said...

"Great effects" is accurate enough. Maybe not positive effects though.