Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fake Communion

George Weigel has written a piece on why the scandal of intercommunion and religious indifference at Taizé isn't so bad after all.

George's done a good job of it. He even makes it seem like the big-bad anti-Catholic NY Times is out to make Holy Mother Church look bad again. In fact, the Times couldn't have been more approving.

We don't even see the ugliness anymore because we've got leading conservative Catholics writing elaborate excuses. How can ordinary Catholics be expected to wake up to this dire situation when the supposed good guys like George Weigel are telling us it's great?

"Ugliness? What ugliness? It's springtime! Go read Envoy Magazine." Is there no scandal conservative Catholics won't try to explain away?

It should stun and offend our sensibilities like crazy that the Eucharist is being put on the level of ordinary bread. Instead, our sensibilities are now dulled to the point where the best and brightest of new Catholic conservatism make excuses for the inexcusable.

There's no problem with distributing the Bread of Heaven right alongside croutons, George says, it's just like the Orthodox and Eastern Catholics! Except that the Eastern Churches aren't doing it as an exercise in Eucharistic indifference.

It's the new Catholic Church! You want it? You got it! Fake communion? Line up to the right.

Catholic World News is reporting that a little protestant kid in Kentucky brings some plain Anglican bread to his Catholic school's Mass in order to participate in Communion just like all the Catholic kids. No conversion required.

How very Taizé.

It's okay. This can't cause a scandal. Catholics don't believe in the Eucharist anymore anyway.

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