Saturday, July 16, 2005

On the Hazards of Millstones

This week it was widely reported that Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, said he would willingly defile the Holy Eucharist by giving it to politicians who embrace the worst abominations, in the form of murdering unborn babies and mocking the sacrament of marriage. No public repentance is ever required. Even if the press has grossly misquoted Cardinal Ouellet this time, he and the rest of the Canadian episcopate (all but to a man) have long since convicted themselves by their actions.

Faithful Catholics would almost prefer if the bishops would just be honest. They could say: "We aren't going to uphold the Holy Faith because we are a lot of heretics and don't really believe in it" or "We aren't going to uphold the Holy Faith because we, like frightened schoolgirls, are too scared to do anything but hide under our beds."

Instead, our bishops wrap their lies in pretty liberal packages and talk about inclusivity and community and, my favourite, Cardinal Ouellet’s ‘be sure to remember we are all sinners’.

We are all sinners, it's true, but not all of us would willingly defile the Holy Eucharist, Eminence.

Not all of us join with the soldiers to heap public insult on our Lord.

In any case, one wonders about the Bishops' basic intelligence in lining up with the likes of Paul Martin against Pope Benedict XVI, and all the Saints. I mean, can’t they tell what perfect confusion they are sowing, or do they just guess nobody’s keeping score?

Ironically, the collective cowardice of the Catholic Bishops of Canada has finally provided an argument for married clergy that makes sense to orthodox believing Roman Catholics. Maybe if these flaccid little men had children or grand children they would actually be concerned enough about the future to pull their fingers out and do something. Instead they are content to retire in comfort, tax status intact, confident that they will be dead long before our children begin to pay the price for their gross inadequacy.

So this then, in charity (however strained) is my contribution for the Canadian bishops, a reminder on the hazards of millstones. And when I get to hell for writing things like this, I will reserve as many seats as I can for Their Excellencies.

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